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Susan L. Crockin, Esq. 

SUSAN L. CROCKIN, J.D. has, since 1988, developed a unique legal and consulting practice focused on adoption, the assisted reproductive technologies and collaborative reproduction, reproductive genetics, 'embryo law' and stem cell research, and fertility preservation. Building on her volunteer advocacy work for both mandated infertility insurance coverage and adoption in Massachusetts in the 1980's, this became the first such legal practice in the country. As leaders in this growing field, our work has expanded to include the legal aspects of areas such as fertility preservation, reproductive genetics, stem cell research, and 'embryo law'. The Crockin Law & Policy Group, LLC currently represents individual clients, agencies, medical and donor programs, and institutions, in and outside of Massachusetts. Attorney Crockin has provided legal counsel in over 1,000 adoptions, including co-parent, same-sex, and single parent adoptions, assisted with hundreds of egg donation and gestational carrier arrangements, and provides ongoing and consulting services to private agencies and private and hospital-based medical ART programs throughout the country. She is also a consultant to the Genetics & Public Policy Center in Washington, DC and holds academic appointments at Georgetown Law Center and Eastern Virginia Medical School.

PUBLICATIONS: Susan Crockin has published widely in the field. Most recently, she and Dr Howard W. Jones, Jr. have co-authored "Legal Conceptions: The Evolving Law and Policy of Assisted Reproductive Technologies" (JHU Press, 2010). Susan has written extensively on emerging topics including the legal aspects of embryos, reproductive genetics and tort liability, fertility preservation, egg freezing, and donor gamete registries. She is the editor and contributing author of two additional books: Adoption and Reproductive Technology Law in Massachusetts; and Family Building through Egg and Sperm Donation: Medical, Legal and Ethical Issues (co-editor). Since 1990, her national quarterly column, "Legally Speaking"®, has reported on court decisions involving the ARTs and the families they create in ASRM News. She has also authored numerous chapters and articles - both peer-reviewed and popular press, including articles for the Genetics & Public Policy Center on reproductive genetics and ART law that appear on their website, www.dnapolicy.org.

CURRENT ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS and SELECTED PRESENTATIONS:Susan Crockin is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown Law Center and an Adjunct Professor at Ob/Gyn at Eastern Virginia Medical School where she most recently participated in the Masters Embryology course.

A frequent national presenter on legal and ethical aspects of the ARTs, she has taught Bioethics at Northeastern University School of Law, Reproductive Technology and Embryo Law at Tufts University, was a plenary speaker at the 1999 IVF World Congress in Australia, and has presented at state and national judicial conferences, consumer conferences, the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, multiple Ethics Advisory Boards, and both chaired and participated in numerous continuing legal and medical, consumer, and multi-disciplinary education programs throughout the United States.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS and APPOINTMENTS: American Academy of Adoption Attorneys; American Academy of ART Attorneys, American Bar Association (Reproductive and Genetic Technology Committee); American Society of Reproductive Medicine (chair and co-founder of legal professional special interest group); New England Fertility Society; Women's Bar Association of MA; Citizens' Task Force on Adoption (sole adoption professional1995-96); MA Office for Children (state advisory task force formulating proposed regulations on allowable adoption expenses, 1988).

CONSUMER ORGANIZATIONS:Past president of the Massachusetts RESOLVE chapter; former board member of RESOLVE, Inc. and chair of its advocacy committee (following work on the successful effort to draft and enact the Massachusetts Infertility Mandate); and recipient of two Family Building Awards from the American Fertility Association.

EDUCATION: Susan Crockin received her J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law and her B.A. from Tufts University, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude.