We help medical providers, ART programs and individual participants navigate the complex legal landscape of the assisted reproductive technologies

For over 25 years, our singular mission has been to add legal value and protections to the delivery and receipt of assisted reproductive technology (“ART”) and adoption services. We work to safeguard all participants, build legally secure ART families, and counsel individuals and family building professionals, programs and institutions.

We achieve our mission by providing legal services to a growing array of professional, institutional and individual clients, locally and nationally:

  • Medical professionals: We represent and counsel large and small IVF programs and providers, including: private, network, and academic programs; individual physicians; embryologists; and ancillary professionals.
  • Donor egg, sperm and embryo banks & coordinating programs: We represent national, international and local donor programs and banks.
  • Collaborative reproduction: We represent intended & adoptive parents , gamete and embryo donors, and gestational carriers. (We do not represent traditional surrogacy participants).
  • Individual patients and participants: We advise individuals about their family building options and related legal issues.  We work regularly with married, single, LGBT, and non-traditional family building clients.

Experience matters:

  • Since opening our doors in 1988, the Firm has brought an acute awareness and depth of understanding of the unique and extraordinary challenges of this evolving multi-disciplinary field.
  • We work closely and confidentially with our clients, not only to draft documents, policies, and legally secure parentage arrangements, but to trouble-shoot and counsel providers and participants on specific sensitive and complex situations.