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Helping individuals and institutions with the legal aspects of reproductive technology, infertility, and adoption since 1988.

As of April 2012, Susan Crockin has relocated to Washington DC, where she is both teaching at Georgetown Law Center and continuing the Crockin Law & Policy Group, LLC's legal and consulting practice. Her contact information remains: scrockin(at)crockinlaw.com and 617-332- 7070. The firm offers legal services to institutions, individuals, and policy and consumer groups in this constantly evolving field.

Amy Altman and Amy Cook, former attorneys with the firm, will continue to practice all aspects of ART and adoption law in Massachusetts under the name of Altman & Cook, LLC and can be reached at the Newton address, by telephone at 617-467-4218 or by email at: amyaltman(at)altmancook.com /amycook(at)altmancook.com. The firm offers legal services to individuals and programs for egg, sperm, embryo and gestational carrier arrangements as well as all aspects of adoption.

We opened in 1988 with the unique mission of devoting a legal practice to helping build legally secure families through both adoption and reproductive technology. We continue to accomplish our mission by providing experienced and compassionate legal assistance to individuals, agencies and medical programs involved in family building throughout the country. Since opening, the Crockin Law & Policy Group has expanded our client services into the following areas:

  • Consulting/representation for ART consent processes, including all forms of collaborative reproduction.
  • Consulting/representation for development of evolving technologies (egg freezing, embryo cryopreservation and disposition) and regulatory compliance.
  • Consulting/representation to national gamete donor agencies for program design, drafting/updating program materials and agreements.
  • Expert consultations to law firms engaged in ART related litigation.
  • Consulting services to advocacy and policy groups involved in fertility and embryo law, fertility preservation, stem cell research and reproductive genetics.
  • Presentations and teaching material preparation in this growing field of law.

We are proud to list a number of "firsts" amongst our accomplishments.

Whether working with individuals, professionals, programs, institutions, or policy makers, our overarching goal is to enhance the legal security of the process and participants in these challenging and constantly evolving and intertwined areas of medicine, law and policy, and to encourage the development of a body of law that protects both the advances in technology and those who use them.

We welcome the opportunity to assist with your personal or professional legal needs.


The information contained on this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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Office Location:

29 Crafts Street
Suite 500
Newton, MA 02460
617/332-7070 (tel)
617/332-8670 (fax)